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The people you should follow

The Wise Owls of Accessibility

Ashley Firth

Ashley Firth is head of front-end development and accessibility at Octopus Energy. He is also the author of the excellent Practical Web Inclusion and Accessibility: A Comprehensive Guide to Access Needs. (You can read a summary of Practical Web Inclusion here) This book was a great resource when writing the articles on this website and I would highly recommend it. You can visit Ashley’s Website here and follow Ashley on Twitter here.

Bruce Lawson

Bruce Lawson is a passionate advocate for making the web more accessible and is a member of the Web Standards Project accessibility task force. Follow him for his accessibility expertise, and his contributions to debates on accessible web development. You can visit Bruces website here and follow Bruce on Mastodon here.

Sara Soueidan

Sara is one of the leading experts in accessibility. She has also just started a new accessibility course. Sara’s website is available here and you can follow Sara on Mastodon here.

Heydon Pickering

Hayden offers great advice and practical examples of how to improve accessibility. His work has been a valuable resource when building this website. He is the author of Excellent Inclusive Design Patterns: coding accessibility into web design. ( Read a summary of Heydons book here). You can follow Heydon on mastodon here. You can also visit Heydon’s website for more of his work.

Joshue O Connor

Joshue O Connor has extensive experience on web accessibility including working with W3C, on accessibility guidelines and UK government digital servies team. He currently runs his own accessibility-focused user experience consultancy. His style of writing on accessibility with a sense of humour has been a strong influence on this website. He is the author of pro-HTML 5 accessibility: building an inclusive web. (You can read a summary of Joshue’s book here). (you can visit his Joshue’s agency website here).

Regine M Gilbert

Regine is a user experience designer and professor at New York University with expertise in accessibility. She is the author of the Inclusive Design for a Digital World designing with accessibility in mind. (Read a Summary Regines book here). She is a great explainer of the philosophies behind designing with accessibility in mind and is well worth following. You can visit Regines website here.

Rian Rietvald

Rian is an expert in accessibility who runs the accessibility courses for the A11y Project. I would highly recommend her accessible code course (which I have completed myself) it offers a thorough detailed explanation of accessible web development, as well as lots of practical examples. You can visit Rian’s personal website here and attend the A11y project accessible code course here.

Leonie Watson

Leonie Watson is an influential figure within the accessibility community. She has wide ranging expertise on accessibility, and it’s worth reading her thoughts on everything from alt tags and semantic code to aria. As a regular screen reader user, she also offers unique insight into how you can build websites to offer a better user experience to those using this tool. You can visit Leonie’s website here.

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