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Privacy Statement

This website has been created with an educational purpose. Data collected will be anonymised and will only be shared in the context of an academic report. This data will include web traffic and page views.

This site uses the Host Provider Siteground Hosting. To find out more about how Siteground handles data. Read the siteground privacy policy here.

This website uses Monster Insights a Google Analytics Plugin.

MonsterInsights Google Analytics application uses the Google Analytics Reporting API to gather analytics about this website and present them in an actionable way via charts, graphs and tables inside the WordPress dashboard to any user with administrator level privileges on my website (I am the sole administrator on this website).

To find out more about how Monster Insights handles data. Read there privacy policy here.

It also uses the plug-in WP extended search. To find out more about this plug-in works read this page on WP search documentation.

This website uses the CookieYes Plug-in to handle Cookie Permissions in compliance with GDPR regulations. To read more about this service visit the Cookie Yes Web Page.

For any queries about Privacy Policy. Please contact me at